COVID-19 How I can help

As COVID-19 continues to impact communities across Canada, I am taking every precaution to safeguard the health and safety of my clients and business partners. Your health and safety is my number 1 priority.
That being said, I am writing to let you know that I continue to support existing and new clients with URGENT needs (see below)
a)    Examples why someone may NEED to URGENTLY purchase, sell or lease right now:

  • You’ve already purchased your next home, but haven’t sold your current one
  • You’ve already sold your current home but haven’t purchased your next one
  • You’re a tenant and gave notice to vacate before COVID-19 took hold
  • Urgent Personal circumstances(loss of Income/Employment)
  • You have a Vacant Investment Property requiring a Tenant 
  • Requiring to Re-Finance and/or require a New Mortgage
b)    Reasons to WAIT and MONITOR:
If you do not meet any of the six criteria above, I strongly recommend you Wait and Monitor.  Let me plan everything for you virtually, so you can hit the ground running when the market opens again.
I think you should WAIT and MONITOR right now if:
  • You’ve got time on your hands now and like house hunting
  • Your existing tenant cannot pay rent and you’re panicking (I’m hoping to hear about relief for Landlords soon from Government)
  • You think you’re invincible and immune to the virus
For anyone with URGENT real estate needs, I have adopted all the best practices that suit this unprecedented situation. I use technology such as ZOOM video conference calls for consultation, virtual home tours & video walk through for showings.
I use ‘Authentisign’ electronic signature software to complete the paperwork. My capabilities are complemented by a team of other professionals such as lawyers, appraisers, home inspectors, mortgage brokers, movers and cleaners to help close the deal while adopting the same electronic procedures and strictly following Health Canada guidelines.
Let me know if you need any urgent help now or if you would like to wait and have me virtually plan for your upcoming sale or purchase as the market normalizes again.
Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Stay safe and stay healthy!

Johnny Mobile 

Sales Representative

Phone: 905.727.3154   Email: